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Being confined in the psych ward for two weeks was just what I needed.
Hughes describes Walker's experiences at the group home and in a vocational training program, how he was taken to the psych ward because of a supposed psychotic episode, how his family realized he was being mistreated, and how they found a new home for him.
"We trace(d) the phone call back to a psych ward but we're still taking all precautions," an NYPD source told, in confirmation of police sources who told that the call came from a psych ward in Queens.
He ended up in a psych ward: "It wasn't like [One Flew over] the Cuckoo's Nest....
Jack Nicholson's McMurphy, in one of the actor's early over-the-top performances, is serving a short prison term and decides to get out of work detail for some R&R at the nearby state psych ward. However, he does not realize his keeper is Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher), who has created a domain with all the tranquility of a burning orphanage.
My husband worked for 25 years in a psych ward at a Denver hospital and when we walked down 16th Street Mall, I knew the guys in gray flannel suits carrying briefcases and he knew those going through trash barrels.
Rock and Shock Featuring Twiztid's Fright Fest with special guests Kung Fu Vampire, Neurotic November, Psych Ward Druggies, Dopeman, Fury, Freeze, Fyzikal, J.E.M.INI and Bloodspits, Lyrical Deathwish, Sadistic Anthology, Shane Slaughter, Splitface, Rob-U-Blind, Outland Camp, 11 a.m.
Work in a Psych Ward as Teenager Shaped SAMHSA Administrator Pamela Hyde, JD
Amanda had stayed at a Malibu rehab facility and spent some time in the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center.
"It's 'Rain Man' with a sexy girl instead of Dustin Hoffman!" So likely went the pitch meeting for "Barefoot," a return to the cinema of adorable mental illness--something that, like the killer in a slasher movie, always seems to lurch back to life just when you think it's safely dead--that stars Evan Rachel Wood as a possibly schizophrenic waif sprung from the psych ward by Scott Speedman's jaded ne'er-do-well.
If you checked the headlines last night, you would have seen his smiling face telling the paparazzi he was 'doing great' after his recent psych ward stay.