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It cannot even be considered for the child psychiatric clinic to be at the General Hospital and the children treated with adults," Kyriakidou explained.
That smacks of Soviet-era practice of locking dissenters in psychiatric clinics," Litvinovich told The Associated Press.
MY MIXED-UP LIFE: Winona Ryder says she feels a close bond with the character she plays in Girl, Interrupted a film about a teenager in a psychiatric clinic.
I took the teacher's advice and went to the local family psychiatric clinic.
a former member of New York City Ballet, founded the first psychiatric clinic for performing artists at Bellevue Hospital in New York City, and has taught psychiatry at several universities.
Contract award: nebau a psychiatric clinic, hospital tauberbischofsheim.
Shrien Dewani, who denies ordering the murder of his 28-year-old wife Anni in Cape Town, has been receiving treatment from a psychiatric clinic.
The Arab suspect who stabbed his father to death was transferred to a psychiatric clinic for diagnosis while the GCC national was taken into custody for further investigation.
A MAN has been remanded to a psychiatric clinic after being accused of cutting a fellow resident's throat at a half-way house.
That is mostly due to cultural factors, as the idea of visiting a psychiatric clinic for any psychological problem is still new and not widely acceptable, especially outside the big cities.
His mother was yesterday remanded to a psychiatric clinic for 28 days after a second court appearance in 24 hours.
The sellers were Charles and Elizabeth Menard, $167,000 in April 1985; and Arkansas Psychiatric Clinic Profit Sharing Trust, $95,000 in June 1985.

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