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Now we need to continue this momentum by passing comprehensive mental health reform that includes a permanent fix to the IMD exclusion for short-term psychiatric hospital care.
To see why the design features of psychiatric hospitals must be significantly different from those of general hospitals, one need look no farther than the design and function of the patient room in a general hospital and consider how its design and functional requirements differ from those of a psychiatric hospital (See figure 1).
The American Psychiatric Association has opposed the Medicaid exclusion of private psychiatric hospitals since long before passage of the Affordable Care Act, Nicholas Meyers, APA director of government relations, said in an interview.
When space in a psychiatric hospital is unavailable, patients who ought to be hospitalized remain in local treatment centers that can't provide high levels of care, stretching their resources beyond their limits.
Founded in 1883, the Abbaseyya Psychiatric Hospital offers 2,000 inpatient beds, treats approximately 80,000 outpatients each year, and is the only facility in Egypt to offer training in psychiatric nursing.
The art exhibition is part of the project "Rehabilitation and Support actions for Al-Fanar Psychiatric Hospital in Zaharani.
After his capture, Alvarado was imprisoned in Havana's Psychiatric Hospital where, Calzon writes, "he was given electroshocks and psychotropic drugs.
Caporoso, Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Rehabilitation Services Department, PO Box 7500, W.
Pharmacology and psychiatry are easy routes for this sort of abuse of power; in the former Soviet Union, dissidents were often declared insane, then drugged and imprisoned in psychiatric hospitals to keep them quiet.
The statistics were revealed in the recently published Irish Psychiatric Hospitals and Units Census which detailed the number of people in psychiatric hospitals, what they were suffering from and the duration of their stay.
She says her department is considering developing its own capacity to offer mental health services to juveniles in correctional programs because few juveniles are sent to private psychiatric hospitals.
Blackwell hopes Pinnacle Pointe, like its music therapy program, will be something special among private psychiatric hospitals in a market many believe is glutted.

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