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visited psychiatric institutions and care homes both in Yerevan and in the regions, have talked with the management, workers of different
According to the Bulgarian Dnevnik daily, Danchev has been in the psychiatric institution since December 11 2010.
The boy dies an agonizing three days later and Kip is sent to a psychiatric institution for the criminally insane.
With its colonial-style buildings and landscaped grounds, the new facility looked more like a college campus than a traditional psychiatric institution.
In later reels, director Spassov wastes way too much footage on silly scenes in the psychiatric institution, plus some discordantly light sequences near the end.
These comparison analyses used utilization and payment measures such as the frequency of inpatient stays, the average number of inpatient days, and average Medicaid payments per user for all services, all MH/SA-related services, and for selected types of care (inpatient, psychiatric institution, physician services, and ambulatory facilities).
However, public reaction doesn't materialize and Jens Ravn is arrested and eventually sent to a psychiatric institution.
deciding that two Georgia women had the right to leave a state-run psychiatric institution and move into a community-care facility, despite the state's claim that the women were denied integration because of cost, not discriminatory action.
In a recent outbreak in the Lipetsk region, 360 km from Moscow, 24 louse-infested, febrile patients in an unheated psychiatric institution had serologically diagnosed typhus (10).
I had [Bellevue] pegged as a major psychiatric institution," one juror said.
Beyond Bedlam presents direct testimony by former patients, and, as the rifle indicates, moves beyond that to critiques of the psychiatric institution, psychiatric therapy and the medical model of mental illness.
In testimony before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs in 1979, John Shattuck, then director of the Washington office of the American Civil Liberties Union, told of a woman who, despite having graduated Phi Beta Kappa from college and having scored in the top 1 percent on the National Medical College Admission Test, was turned down by 13 medical schools because her medical records indicated she had once been a voluntary patient in a psychiatric institution.

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