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We further investigate utilization and cost differences for four major service types: inpatient, psychiatric institution, physician, and ambulatory services.
Starring Jack Nicholson, it tells of a brash rebel who is admitted to a psychiatric institution and takes on the bullying head nurse.
Sonnon faced dyslexia so severe that he was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution for "disruptive classroom behavior," as recounted in "A Mountain Stands: Confessions of a Suppressed Genius," launching today on Amazon.
And just how we became the kind of country that can drug a pregnant Italian visitor, violently drag her off to a psychiatric institution because she had a bipolar episode, drug her again in order to cut open her belly when she was just seven months gone and steal her unborn child.
BEDLAM Channel 4, 9pm Documentary following the lives of patients at the South London and Maudsley psychiatric institution, exploring different aspects of mental health.
This new documentary series challenges the stereotypes by going behind the scenes at the world's oldest psychiatric institution.
This new series challenges the stereotypes by going behind the scenes at the world's oldest psychiatric institution.
The fire was the latest tragedy to hit a psychiatric institution in Russia, where outdated Soviet-era infrastructure is still in widespread use and managers often take a lax approach to fire safety.
It occupies a large portion of a historic building constructed in 1857, through the collaboration of the Brothers of Charity and mental health professional Joseph Guislain (1797-1860), as the first psychiatric institution in Belgium.
18:00 A REPORT declaring mass killer Anders Behring Breivik insane, meaning he will most likely end up in a psychiatric institution rather than jail, has divided Norwegians who are still traumatised by the July massacre.
10pm) Claire becomes increasingly suspicious of Samuel's motives, and Hiro returns to Japan, where he urges Ando to help him rescue Mohinder from a psychiatric institution.
Whiteley, who portrayed the woods around where she grew up near Cottage Grove as a fairyland, ended up in a psychiatric institution in England for more than 40 years.

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