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A person, especially an infant or incompetent, placed by the court in the care of a guardian.


Guardian and Ward.

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n. 1) a person (usually a minor) who has a guardian appointed by the court to care for and take responsibility for that person. A governmental agency may take temporary custody of a minor for his/her protection and care if the child is suffering from parental neglect or abuse, or has been in trouble with the law. Such a child is a "ward of the court" (if the custody is court-ordered) or a "ward of the state." 2) a political division of a city, much like a council district. (See: guardian)

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of court see WARDSHIP.
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WARD, domestic relations. An infant placed by authority of law under the care of a guardian.
     2. While under the care of a guardian a ward can make no contract whatever binding upon him, except for necessaries. When the relation of guardian and ward ceases, the latter is entitled to have an account of the administration of his estate from the former. During the existence of this relation, the ward is under the subjection of his guardian, who stands in loco parentis.

WARD, a district. Most cities are divided for various purposes into districts, each of which is called a ward.

WARD, police. To watch in the day time, for the purpose of preventing violations of the law.
     2. It is the duty of all police officers and constables to keep ward in their respective districts.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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I felt as though I had no choice: I asked to be committed; I stayed in a public psychiatric ward for three days.
Some possible reasons for this discrepancy are as follows:First, the patients in the acute psychiatric ward may take more kinds and higher dosages of psychotropic medications due to the acute phase of mood or psychotic symptoms.
Outgoing Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said five of the nine fatalities were patients of the penal colony's psychiatric ward, two were elderly while two others were farm workers who died while helping in the rescue of fellow inmates.
Since his admission to psychiatric ward, Kevin has filed for release.
She has been referred to a psychiatric ward, says airport official
WORCESTER -- A Worcester man who prosecutors said was attacked Tuesday in the psychiatric ward at UMass Memorial Medical Center died Thursday.
New York, Mar 10 ( ANI ): James Holmes, who allegedly killed 12 people during the screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises' at a movie hall in Colorado, United States, has been shifted from jail to the psychiatric ward of a hospital in November because he was considered a danger to himself.
He works in a psychiatric ward of a local hospital while helping his father look after Frank, the dribbling, farting, swearing, wheelchair bound grandfather.
The patient was restrained by hospital security personnel and taken to Baragwanath's psychiatric ward for evaluation and observation.
Norway's Health Directorate has approved plans to build a psychiatric ward inside Oslo's Ila Prison, specially designed for the 33-year-old right-wing extremist.
A WOULD-BE writer in the 1960s is committed to an exclusive psychiatric ward by her parents after attempting suicide, but the move seems to cause more problems than it solves.
of Michigan) provide a pocket guide for psychiatrists, residents, nurses, medical students, and educators, as well as physicians in other specialties who consult on the psychiatric ward, to common questions and issues in daily psychiatric work with inpatients.