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The restoration of former rights, authority, or abilities.

The process of rehabilitating a witness involves restoring the credibility of the witness following Impeachment by the opposing party. Rehabilitating a prisoner refers to preparing him or her for a productive life upon release from prison.

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In fact, in terms of philosophy, it would appear that public partial care programs are generally in agreement with psychosocial rehabilitation advocates as to the importance of certain key attitudes and intervention strategies.
A predominance of medical/clinical technology over other therapeutic actions was observed, which was based on: overvaluation of the medication scheme and undervaluation of psychosocial rehabilitation actions; a lack of organization among the teams collaborating on collective and interdisciplinary therapeutic projects; and poor work contracts generated within the context of municipal mental health policies.
International Journal of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Vol.
We used the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Outcomes Toolkit, a 20-item experimental scale developed by the International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (IAPSRS, 1995).
"Consumers should control what money goes to providers for care, including psychosocial rehabilitation," said Dr.
These values are highly congruent with the basic values of psychosocial rehabilitation and the emerging recovery vision.
The mission of the WAPR is the dissemination of principles and practices of psychosocial rehabilitation. Within this broad frame of reference, the WAPR's activities cover a number of areas:
At the programmatic level, many community mental health centers, psychosocial rehabilitation programs, and private psychiatric settings must begin to re--examine the ways in which they can make the goal of employment an important focus of their services.
May 31-June 2: National Conference of Psychosocial Rehabilitation, -RPS Canada; Halifax;
One recent study examining work skills, symptomatology, and diagnoses among clients in a psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) program (Anthony, Rogers, Cohen, & Davies, in press) found higher levels of symptoms, especially negative ones, such as withdrawal or blunt affect, among those subsequently unemployed, although these differences became nonsignificant at the 6- and 12-month assessments.

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