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Once labelled "yuppie flu" and derided as a psychosomatic illness, ME is still widely misunderstood and a poor relation in terms of funding and research compared with other debilitating diseases.
Although asthma was once thought to be a psychosomatic illness (i.
For years, there were people who thought it was a psychosomatic illness, and there are some people who still do believe that," Dr.
Discussing concepts ranging from the self-fulfilling prophecy and psychosomatic illness to the concept of God being within each one of us and all of nature, to the bases for successful and happy living that underlie so many varients of "pop" psychology, The Roads To Truth examines the common thread between all these occurances--the acknowledgement of the paramount importance our thoughts play within our lives.
ME -myalgic encephalomyelitis -was dismissed for many years as some kind of psychosomatic illness,and even called `the yuppieflu'.
Pulse diagnosis also uncovers any deep stress--a key factor in psychosomatic illness, which according to the WHO, accounts for at least 80 percent of all illness in the West.
Stress has been implicated in all the functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (Drossman, 1994:56) and IBS is the specific psychosomatic illness examined here.
Christian Reimer, director of the Clinic for Psychosomatic Illness and Psychotherapy, University of Giessen, Germany.