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In that year, more than 5,700 Americans died from psychostimulant overdose.
4% of adults who have ADHD, (1) psychostimulants provide necessary and effective treatment, but misuse and diversion of these agents are real concerns.
The reduction of ADHD behavioral symptoms when Gail was medication compliant matches the findings from prior research documenting the effectiveness of psychostimulants in symptom management (Barkley, 2014; Barkley, DuPaul, & Connor, 1999).
Children are usually on their psychostimulants from a few months or a few years before an attack, and attacks seem to be triggered by a change in dose or drug.
The IP portfolio acquired in this transaction includes mazindol, a non-amphetaminic psychostimulant.
They found no link between religious coping and the use of psychostimulants but warned that their analysis on psychostimulants may have been prone to type II error and should be interpreted with caution.
1) The beneficial effects of psychostimulants on inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity are well documented.
Although NO has been known as a vasodilator and inflammatory mediator, it also plays a role in reinforcing effect of psychostimulants in brain.
Hands down, the most effective treatment for adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is psychostimulants.
College students' use of prescription psychostimulants has emerged as an important area of research.
Currently, methylphenidate and several other psychostimulants are preferred medications to help manage the disease.