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Essence; the material or necessary component of something.

A matter of substance, as distinguished from a matter of form, with respect to pleadings, affidavits, indictments, and other legal instruments, entails the essential sufficiency, validity, or merits of the instrument, as opposed to its method or style.


(Essential nature), noun actuality, basis, body, content, core, drift, essence, essential part, force, gist, heart, hypostasis, idea, import, marrow, material, meaning, pith, principle, purport, reality, res, sense, significance, signification, soul, sum, tenor, vital part


(Material possessions), noun assets, command of money, corpus, estate, fortune, income, means, money, ownership, property, resources, revenue, riches, treasure, wealth, wherewithal
See also: amount, article, body, bulk, capsule, center, composition, connotation, consequence, construction, content, contents, contour, cornerstone, corpus, element, essence, gist, gravamen, import, importance, main point, materiality, meaning, money, object, point, possessions, property, purpose, quantity, reality, shape, significance, signification, spirit, structure, sum, value

SUBSTANCE, evidence. That which is essential; it is used in opposition to form.
     2. It is a general rule, that on any issue it is sufficient to prove the substance of the issue. For example, in a case where the defendant pleaded payment of the principal sum and all interest due, and it appeared in evidence that a gross sum was paid, not amounting to the full interest, but accepted by the plaintiff as full payment, the proof was held to be sufficient. 2 Str. 690; 1 Phil. Ev. 161.

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The 1988 UN Drug Convention, 1961 UN Single Convention as amended by the 1972 Protocol, and the 1971 UN Convention Against Psychotropic Substances are applicable to Hong Kong.
In general, psychotropic substances are introduced into a military unit via 3 basic routes: a recruit takes a drug outside a military unit and returns under its influence, he carries in psychotropic substances for himself and his friends, friends or family of recruits carry in drugs during their visit in a military unit.
BRASILIA: An agreement between the governments of Brazil and Lebanon to combat the production, consumption and trafficking of psychotropic substances came into effect on Friday.
s convention on psychotropic substances, which prohibit the hallucinogen found in hoasca.
Muscat: The Public Administration to Combat Drugs and Psychotropic Substances at Shinas arrested a citizen for possession and trafficking of drugs, according to an official source at the Royal Oman Police (ROP).
Moscow, April 23 (ONA) Royal Oman Police (ROP) and the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of Counter-Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances.
Abu Dhabi -- In five separate operations, nine drug dealers were caught with 13kg of heroin and 34,000 narcotic pills by the Anti-Narcotics Federal Directorate General at the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Directorate General for Combatting Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of Oman.
In terms of countering illegal drug use and importing narcotics, Georgia implemented extensive legislative amendments to existing drug-related laws and enacted a new law on psychotropic substances which came into force in May 2014.
41, who is charged with illegal manufacture, acquisition, storage, transportation, transfer with intent to sell, as well as illegal manufacture or sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues or precursors under the Article 247 of the Criminal Code.
Contract notice: Antibiotics in the package and, psychotropic substances and opioid in set ii and vitamins and minerals in the package iii for hospital pharmacy, health care administration in debica.
Drug promoters and addicts always look for new psychotropic substances that are not yet made illegal," he said.