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He also served on the Board of several public administrative bodies, including the State Trading Corporation, the National Remuneration Board, the National Economic and Social Council and the University of Mauritius.
The case has returned to the CoA because the ECJ said it was not able to determine this issue due to a complex exclusion in the Directive relating to employees of public administrative bodies.
has chosen to implement the Directive by not excluding from the right to be consulted on redundancy, representatives of workers employed by public administrative bodies or by establishments governed by public law referred to in Article 1(2)(b).
In his opening speech, Jorge Sampaio, President of Portugal, surprised nobody when he stated "To me, the need to attain a balance between the action of the central powers and that of the local and regional public administrative bodies is one of the keys to a policy adapted to the patterns of globalisation and supranational integration with which we are confronted ".

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