Public Interest

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Public Interest

Anything affecting the rights, health, or finances of the public at large.

Public interest is a common concern among citizens in the management and affairs of local, state, and national government. It does not mean mere curiosity but is a broad term that refers to the body politic and the public weal. A public utility is regulated in the public interest because private individuals rely on such a company for vital services.

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There is substantial public interest at stake in these banks: they touch the lives of millions every day, while a bank in trouble also drags its stakeholders into trouble.
The accounting profession's actions to further the public interest take a number of forms, including developing technical and behavioral standards and guidance; establishing training, development, monitoring, and enforcement processes to help ensure that those standards are applied; and promoting thought leadership programs.
Ms Elliott joins Principal Public Interest Monitor Brendan Murphy QC and Deputy Public Interest Monitor Janine Gleeson.
The new public interest test was considered for the first time by the EAT in Chesterton and was construed to set a low bar for workers.
In making a PII order, the court has to balance the public interest in the administration of justice and the public interest in maintaining the confidentiality of certain documents where disclosure would be damaging.
Whether administrative agencies can grant public interest standing the way that courts do is an unsettled question.
1) But this is nothing new to public interest lawyers.
Public interest lawyering; a contemporary perspective.
Flipping' capital gains and personal expenses 'errors' have to be followed up with utmost vigour "in the public interest.
NSU Public Interest Day: The Shepard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern University held its 17th annual Public Interest Law Day on February 19, where students were able to meet with representatives from 25 different organizations to discuss summer internships and clinic placements.
Concern for the public interest, the sense of the commonwealth, is largely confined these days to high school civics courses, to the degree they are even offered.
DePaul University College of Law (Chicago, IL) has begun the publication of the "DePaul Journal for Social Justice," a new journal whose mission is to provide practitioners and academics in public interest with a scholarly alternative to "traditional law journal publications.

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