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Public Law

A general classification of law concerned with the political and sovereign capacity of a state.

Public law is that area of constitutional, administrative, criminal, and International Law that focuses on the organization of the government, the relations between the state and its citizens, the responsibilities of government officials, and the relations between sister states. It is concerned with political matters, including the powers, rights, capacities, and duties of various levels of government and government officials.

Public law refers to an act that applies to the public at large, as opposed to a private law that concerns private individual rights, duties, and liabilities.

Public law is the citation given to the original form of federal and some state laws. For example, the citation for the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 is Pub. L. 97–34, Aug. 13, 1981, 95 Stat. 1720 (26 U.S.C.A. § 1 et seq.).

public law

that area of law that deals with the state and the relations of the state with the public.
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In contrast, public laws are of general applicability and permanent and continuing in nature.
The reason I am often mistaken for a libertarian--even though I am more comfortable talking about rules than rights, I prefer reasonableness to reason, and I care about government's effectiveness rather than its size--is that my soft communitarianism leads toward a persistent skepticism about the oozing encroachment of public law into every pore of daily life.
Congress - which produced milestone victories on behalf of its members and all online consumers in 2003 - AOL continues to work with lawmakers in other states toward the goal of ensuring that public laws evolve to keep pace with the ever-changing, complex nature of spam.
Passed in the Senate: August 2, 1990 Public Laws P.

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