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This spread of interests, coupled with aesthetic innovations and public activism, make Portumna an attractive focus of investigation.
Palestinian Right to Return Coalition is a global organization focused on public activism and education about the rights of all Palestinian refugees to return to their confiscated land.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Six jailed reformists in Saudi Arabia must be released immediately and unconditionally, Amnesty International reiterated after they and 10 others convicted with them were offered a royal "pardon" on the condition they sign pledges renouncing their public activism.
As he states in the introduction, "The task at hand is to demonstrate that there was something compelling about Henderson, to convincingly argue that she is worth remembering after all this time." (3) To achieve his goal, Campbell sets out to recount Henderson's life in a way that allows her "to speak to us in our own day and age, to bring meaning to our lives across the intervening decades since her death." (3) In the process, Campbell not only details Henderson's life of public activism but also sheds light on many facets of Canadian history, including feminism, the left, labour and the working class, francophone and anglophone Montreal, and Depression-era Toronto.
Women began entering into debates about slavery, animal rights, women s rights during this period, and thereby changed the nature of public activism. It is in this context that Roy appears in England.
21st May 2011 must be a landmark in public activism -- to turn cultural diversity into a power for peace, security and development for all.
We then report some unexplored developments in Russian civil society, including pockets of public activism, NGO activity, and newly institutionalized frameworks for citizen participation in governance.
Claiming their right to public activism, not as feminists but as mothers and Municipal Housekeepers, the members continued to fight for clean water into the Cold War era of the 1950s and 60s.
Platt attempts to characterize these efforts as a prefectural initiative, but is forced to acknowledge both central government leadership and a shift in the character of public activism to reflect a new, national consciousness.
Nearly 60 per cent of companies would appear not to have developed plans to respond to public activism. In addition, almost half have not appointed professional advisers to assist with investor relations activity, particularly with regard to communications and messaging.

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