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He has become a key member of our team and now, as public affairs director, he will take strategic responsibility for our public affairs and communications functions.
Television offers a powerful tool for public diplomacy and public affairs.
The new Public Affairs Director says he is just learning the ropes and looks forward to becoming more active as a spokesman for the Commission.
companies learn how stringent risk assessments will be integrated into the regulatory process and gather more data on resistance development, their investment in public affairs and education up and down the food chain remains critically important, Elanco's Erpelding says.
Gary Sheftik, Commander, 356th Public Affairs Detachment (Broadcast).
Chicago Matters is an annual public affairs series initiated and funded by the Trust, Chicago's community foundation, in collaboration with WTTW, Channel 11; WBEZ, 91.
She has written and spoken on a variety of topics, including issues management, communication management, leadership and public affairs.
Cabinet public affairs officers are always told to help "amplify" the president's message, but since his megaphone is bigger, the White House usually doesn't amplify stories that emanate from lower down in the bureaucratic food chain.
Tindemans brings 20 years of experience in European Union public affairs and strategic communications to the new role.
The company added Petroskey brings to his new position more than 25 years of experience in communications and public affairs.
Spokesperson/title: Ron Phillips, VP, public affairs.

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