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Again he cajoled people to get involved and he promoted the idea for what was to become one of Canada's most successful groups in the public awareness of science.
The awards program, which started eight years ago to help raise public awareness of science and its application in people's daily lives, places a strong emphasis on recognizing the link between schools, laboratories, business development, quality of life and job creation in the region.
Benefits included regional information for industry, technological innovation and transfer of science and technology to the private sector, new resources and mitigation of hazards, training of the next generation of earth scientists, and public awareness of science and technology.
The Carnegie Science Center Awards for Excellence were created to raise public awareness of science and technology in western Pennsylvania by recognizing the achievements of scientists, entrepreneurs, science journalists, teachers and students.
The Royal Society of Canada has awarded its inaugural McNeil Medal for the Public Awareness of Science to Drs.
The garden and monument exemplify the Academy's pursuit of scientific excellence and its important efforts to promote the public awareness of science.
He added that PSSO, a nonprofit organization, aims to improve public awareness of science by organizing such activities.

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