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One of Ward's major contributions to the early efforts of CGEN was the publication of a booklet entitled A Geoscientists' Guide to Public Awareness of Science and Technology (Fig.
1995, The PAST is the Key to the Future: A Geoscientits' Guide to Public Awareness of Science and Technology: Geological Association of Canada and the Canadian Geoscience Education Network, 28 p.
1990, Communicating Science: Why and How, Second conference on public awareness of science in Canada: Royal Society of Canada, 22 p.
The garden and monument exemplify the Academy's pursuit of scientific excellence and its important efforts to promote the public awareness of science.
He added that PSSO, a nonprofit organization, aims to improve public awareness of science by organizing such activities.
Most, possibly all, have embarked on a variety of (usually) short-lived projects to enhance public awareness of science (PAS).
Over the past half century, most science and engineering societies have had committees and programs devoted to education and/or public awareness of science.
Appropriately nicknamed, `The most curious place on Earth', Science World's mandate is to increase public awareness of science and technology through learning experiences and to foster interest among youth in science and technology-related careers.

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