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There are several examples of public databases of MLST and VNTR data that might serve as examples for development of a web-based M.
However, Wes Bissett, representing the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America, said that access to the fingerprints through a public database raised privacy concerns for his group's members.
The Public Trustee has been safeguarding unclaimed money since the 1960s and we want more Queenslanders to be aware of the easily searchable public database, Minister Dick said.
The product is built on the Ingenuity Knowledge Base, a manually curated, integrated repository of genomic information, scientific literature and public database.
The equipment will assist to receive and transfer information about existing situation, menace or emergency situation, and provide access to public database of the Ministry through Internet.
The Environmental Protection Agency has added more than 6,300 chemicals and 3,800 chemical facilities regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to a public database called Envirofacts, EPA spokesman Dale Kemery reported
We have been expanding our public database offerings .
The entire genetic blueprints of more than 2,000 human and avian influenza viruses taken from samples around the world have been completed and the sequence data made available in a public database.
If you can't stop the federal government from spending, at least you would be able to see where the money is going under a bipartisan bill that would to create a free public database listing every entity that receives federal funds.
To make financial conflicts transparent, all physicians' ties to drug companies, including gifts received, should be listed in a public database, Kassirer says.
Information gathered through the project is posted in a public database at http://www.
The new public database is UniProt, short for United Protein Database, and will combine the resources of three existing protein databases--SWISS-PROT, TrEMBL, and the Protein Information Resource (PIR).