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the putting of a person to death by suspending the body by the neck from a noose. Now abolished in the UK.

HANGING, punishment. Death by the halter, or the suspending of a criminal, condemned to suffer death, by the neck, until life is extinct. A mode of capital punishment.

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The 1857 New York legislature concluded that the theatrical nature of public hangings only served to "stir the blood and make men reckless of sound judgment.
The central argument, among many, seems to be that the movement against public hanging was not based on a more humane ethos among the middle classes but on a squeamishness that had nothing to do with genuine emotions and a great deal to do with projection and repression.
In 1853, the citizens of Wisconsin were so appalled by a gruesome public hanging that the Senate voted to ban capital punishment outright.
The world humanist community is deeply concerned about the safety of Taslima Nasrin in the face of the demands by fundamentalists for her arrest and public hanging.
The familiar examples of Dickens' and Thackeray's attendance at hangings recur as does the discussion of the murderous spectacle of public hanging with its large and unruly crowds.
After going on the run he was dragged to the gallows at what is now Dyfatty, Swansea, for a public hanging 750 years ago this month, on Monday, November 27, 1290.
It's high time to implement harsh measures like public hanging of rapists or chemical castration to deter such incidents.
Ismail, told Pajhwok Afghan News a public hanging would serve as a lesson for others.
The 33-year-old added: "It's the 21st-Century way of public hanging.
Meanwhile, it's worth checking out the sane, lucid and thoughtfully-written comments on the subject on the BNP's website, including the one which appears to call for the public hanging of Mr Lucas - one which in no way contradicts that nice Nick Griffin's view that the BNP is now a normal, mainstream party.
I'M quite sure that claiming for bath-plugs and barbecues, naughty films, the removal of lichen from your mansion, paying your nanny's wages, your student son's pocket money or calling a caravan your second home is "within the rules," but so was public hanging and transportation to Australia.
Football has been played at St James' since at least 1880, less than 40 years after the last public hanging in the Gallowgate area.

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