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Eugene Louis Vidal, 3 October 1925--31 July 2012) was an American writer (novels, essays, screenplays, stage plays) and a public intellectual known for his patrician manner, epigrammatic wit, and a polished style of writing.
A public intellectual is an expert within a particular field whose opinions and published works are well known, and who frequently appears in the media to comment on newsworthy issues.
Joeckel's primary claim is that Lewis' persona as a public intellectual created the ways in which Lewis responded to truth claims and the methods that he used to construct the arguments in his works.
Academia is full of pre-tenure and adjunct faculty who would love to be public intellectuals but also know that public writing probably will not help them to get and keep (academic) jobs.
Within the main body of this work, Endler places the public intellectual within the context of American society, considering the extent to which the public intellectual is a necessary component in keeping the democratic debate alive.
Diagnosed with a terminal illness that made the use of his hands impossible, the eminent historian and public intellectual Tony Judt agreed to an unusual project: a series of free-flowing conversations with fellow historian Timothy Snyder, organized topically around areas of mutual interest, such as the intellectual history of twentieth-century Europe and the history of and future prospects for social democracy in Europe and North America.
He approaches this dilemma as a public intellectual and as a Christian.
THE TOPIC: Public intellectual, firebrand, and bon vivant Christopher Hitchens fought a very public battle with the cancer that finally killed him in December 2011.
The words are by Syrian public intellectual, prolific writer/author and political activist Yassin al-Haj Saleh.
Controversy over the "decline" and "death" of the public intellectual came to Canada in the years after it entered the discourse of the U.
teacher-scholar as a public intellectual and educational leader is in a key position to accomplish the above processes.
Richard Posner, a US federal judge, has compiled a study of the modern American public intellectual.

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