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Public Lands

Land that is owned by the United States government.

Public land refers to the public domain, unappropriated land belonging to the federal government that is subject to sale or other disposal under general laws and is not reserved for any particular governmental or public purpose.

Much of this land was acquired early in the history of the United States as a result of purchases, wars, or treaties made with foreign countries. The federal government used this land to encourage growth, settlement, and economic development. Land that was not developed, homesteaded, or sold remained in federal ownership as public land. Today, the federal government employs principles of land use planning and environmental protection to preserve the natural resources and scenic beauty found on public land.

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OKLAHOMA CITY In front of a crowd pushing 100 strong, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Association President Land Tawney stood on a chair at the Eatery and Cocktail Office at The Union and preached the mission to save America's public lands and access to those lands.
We are not sure what the Punjab government wants to do with the riverine or other public lands. There is no policy as yet; there should have been one even before the peasantry was evicted.
The latest casualty is Airgate Mall (formerly Taj Mall) in Nairobi, which was brought down at the weekend, marking another milestone in the government's concerted and irresolute campaign to recover ill-gotten public land and restore it for common utilities.PUBLIC LANDBut we must now deal severely with those who allocated such public land and gave the statutory approvals.
The Trust for Public Land creates parks and protects land for people, ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come.
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Whether you hunt whitetails back East or elk and mule deer out West, you've probably spent at least some time bowhunting on public land somewhere.
Lagat said some of those involved had gone to court but the county would respond and that those involved would still have to prove to the court how they acquired public land.
Because of the checkerboard pattern, the long sides of public sections are bordered by inaccessible private land, but the corners of these public tracts often touch accessible public land. "Schaaf" thinks if he simply climbs the corner posts, and never sets his hunting boots on the adjacent private land, he can access the landlocked sections.
Finchem's bills do not explicitly mention public land transfers; instead, HB 2547 seeks to transfer the management of public lands to the state with an emphasis on resource extraction and development.

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