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In 2016, Pakistan Cables signed a MoU with Karachi Biennale Trust (KBT) to be the main activity partner for project, Reel on Hai, a public outreach initiative of KBT.
The scope of work in the Public Outreach Programme and Communication Project is split into two Tasks.
Masuma Halai Khawaja - Chairperson Public Outreach Committee Karachi Biennale 2017, said, 'We are working very hard at making art visible and accessible to people of Karachi through Reel On Hai and hope that the art installations inspire both the old and young residents of the city'.
Ward worked for many years as a senior planning consultant on public outreach for the I-95 Improvement Project with Express Toll Lanes (ETL) for the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), and oversaw a $15M budget as a Town Commissioner of Bel Air, Maryland.
LTD received a grant for the study and has already spent some of the $750,000 on the public outreach.
9); similarly, individuals classified as having high exposure to radio broadcasts or public outreach events had increased odds of reporting consistent use compared with their low-exposure counterparts (1.
Thousands of astronomy education and public outreach events are taking place in all countries and organizations participating in the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009) throughout 2009.
We appreciate the close cooperation and support of the NFL and its teams in making this a very successful program of service and public outreach.
The public outreach suite will have its own exhibition hall, virtual reality centre, film theatre, programme and function rooms, and event organiser's office.
He also served on two committees of the TAPPI board of directors, Public Outreach and Information Technology, and was a member of the TAPPI Operating Committee and served as liaison for the Local Sections.
7 million to 27 municipalities across New York State, including a $2 million grant to New York City for public outreach and education to promote the city's renewed recycling program.
Through public outreach on television and in newspapers, particularly ahead of storms, the institute urges residents in Florida and other hurricane-prone states to retrofit their buildings to make them more resistant to damage.