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12 noon -- Public outreach with "Play It Safe" NASCAR simulator car by CSX at 9th Annual Main Street Mile running race, Deer Park Tavern, 108 West Main Street, Newark, DE
Ward worked for many years as a senior planning consultant on public outreach for the I-95 Improvement Project with Express Toll Lanes (ETL) for the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), and oversaw a $15M budget as a Town Commissioner of Bel Air, Maryland.
LTD received a grant for the study and has already spent some of the $750,000 on the public outreach.
9); similarly, individuals classified as having high exposure to radio broadcasts or public outreach events had increased odds of reporting consistent use compared with their low-exposure counterparts (1.
While it is impossible to acknowledge all the activities that have taken place in 2009 and all those who have made them possible, an IYA2009 Prize for Excellence in Astronomy Education and Public Outreach has been established to reward some of the most interesting IYA2009 projects and activities.
The public outreach suite will have its own exhibition hall, virtual reality centre, film theatre, programme and function rooms, and event organiser's office.
The $2 million EPF grant to the New York City Department of Sanitation will help fund efforts to continue extensive public outreach and education initiatives targeting individuals and communities across the city in an effort to promote and expand recycling activity.
These firms are required' to implement an environmental management system, demonstrate specific environmental performances and show continuous improvement, commit to public outreach, and have a record of sustained compliance with environmental regulations.
Editorial will cover strategies for public outreach, including: library instruction and literacy programs; programming for diverse populations; inter-library cooperation; ensuring accessibility; and, reference and information services innovations.
Extensive publicity and citizen education are vital to achieve this, and public outreach has proven an integral contributor to the effectiveness of Richmond's Project Exile.
These activities are common in general medical practice, family health clinics, psychiatric and public health clinics and in public outreach settings in hospitals.
PMC, a multidisciplinary consulting firm that provides public outreach and social marketing services, climate action planning and grant writing, will be offering a complimentary funding audit to assist municipalities in accessing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds.