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PARK, Eng. law. An enclosed chase (q.v.) extending only over a man's own grounds. The term park signifies an enclosure. 2 Bl. Com. 38.

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Islamabad, the only planned city of the country, is famous for its large number of resorts and public parks.
The only planned city of the country is famous for its large number of resorts and public parks.
by ONAThe Muscat Festival will be held at Al Amerat Park, Al Naseem Public Park and on the premises of Oman Automobile Association.
The public parks are like essential public open spaces in a city like Karachi and in no way their spaces should be used to host such a brazen commercial activity, which has every potential to damage the very basic components and essentials of a park,' he said.
The NFEH president said that relevant municipal and environmental laws of Sindh government and also the relevant rules and regulations of Karachi Municipal Administration didn't allow the use of the main public park in a busy area of the city for such a brazen commercial activity involving so much heavy presence of prospective visitors and customers.
In line with documents available with reporter the mayor allotted worth billion of rupees Public Park situated on prime location in Islamabad to Serena Hotel in the name of beautification while a plot situated at the corner of Jinnah Avenue was allotted to Gulf Construction Company also.
When I was working a couple of years ago as an expatriate (I taught philosophy, ethics and anthropology at Nilai University in Malaysia), I was enamored and enchanted by their numerous and spacious public parks and recreation sites.
Al Madani said this initiative is part of the Smart Gateway project, which consists of installing Nol card vending machines and smart gates at the entrances to Dubai Municipality's public parks, so that customers can pay fees to enter the public parks in the emirate using the Nol cards.
Eight more public parks to get free Wi-Fi in Doha and surrounds.
THE UK's hugely popular public parks face falling into decline and neglect as a result of budget cuts, a new report warns.
Park use is rising, with 57% of adults now visiting their park once a month or more, while 90% of families with children under five head to green space at least monthly, the State of UK Public Parks 2016 study reveals.
A large majority of respondents said they use their local public parks, playgrounds, and other open spaces, and a larger percentage said that they personally benefit from public parks.

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