public private partnership

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public private partnership (PPP)

arrangements by the government to secure private equity funding for government projects such as schools and hospitals. The relevant Secretary of State may usually form or participate in companies. Typically, he or she may invest in the companies (whether by acquiring assets, securities or rights or otherwise), or provide loans and guarantees and make other kinds of financial provision to or in respect of them.
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CILT Executive Honourary Secretary Brig A(r) Salahuddin in his welcome address said that some main objectives of the seminar were to emphasize the need of public private partnership policy in development of infrastructure particulary related to transport sector and to encourage export sector to participate in Pakistan transport infrastructure development.
Fans of public private partnerships say they mean councils can build new schools without having to stump up the cost all at once.
He said the project aimed at implementing international best practices and successful public private partnership models in Punjab.

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