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STOCKS, crim. law. A machine commonly made of wood, with boles in it, in which to confine persons accused of or guilty of a crime.
     2. It was used either to confine unruly offenders by way of security, or convicted criminals for punishment.
     3. This barbarous punishment has been generally abandoned in the United States.

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The Commons expenses watchdog's "name and shame" tactic of putting MPs who have not cleared debts in the public stocks appears to have backfired as many of the MPs deny they owe any money.
The Roundtable stated that FASB should "conduct a market test to determine whether the proposed models produce grant values approximately equal to what a large number of active market participants would be willing to bid for call options on a diverse group of public stocks having identical characteristics to employee stock options on these same stocks, and delay the proposed implementation date for the new standard until the rest has been performed and the results validated, audited and shared widely with the business and investor community.
4 billion--a 14 percent increase from the current budget--many public stocks in the homeland security industry are thriving.

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