public private partnership

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public private partnership (PPP)

arrangements by the government to secure private equity funding for government projects such as schools and hospitals. The relevant Secretary of State may usually form or participate in companies. Typically, he or she may invest in the companies (whether by acquiring assets, securities or rights or otherwise), or provide loans and guarantees and make other kinds of financial provision to or in respect of them.
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The Emerald Handbook of Public-Private Partnerships in Developing and Emerging Economies: Perspectives on Public Policy, Entrepreneurship and Poverty
Senator Tammy Baldwin today announced new legislation to boost workforce readiness by expanding apprenticeship programs and investing in public-private partnerships.
For this purpose the public-private partnership system has been introduced which is successfully working in the world,' he said.
Addressing a seminar on Public-Private Partnership in Development of Transport Infrastructure jointly organized by Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), Pakistan and Pakistan Railways here, he said that maximum benefit should be got from China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), adding that CPEC was very important for transportation system.
These funds are intended to finance preparation of the public-private partnership projects, he explained.
The proposal of the government that the Public-Private Partnership Act be cancelled triggered prolonged debates which started on Friday.
Rapoport is highly regarded for strategizing and implementing successful business-capture plans for clients pursuing public-private partnership, design-build and complex infrastructure projects.
A desire to find win-win situations is the most important motivator of public-private partnerships, and, therefore, a zero-sum-game mentality is one of the greatest enemies of public-private partnership success.
Zoran Vitanov, one of the experts working on the 2-year project for public-private partnership, says the municipalities are ready, both professionally and administratively, to cooperate with the private sector.
House Transportation Committee leaders called on state leaders to move carefully on public-private partnerships (PPP) as a way to finance expensive transportation infrastructure improvements and warned that the "committee will work to undo any state PPP agreements that do not fully protect the public interest and the integrity of the national system.
The government is keen to promote public-private partnerships for building new schools but so far there are none in Warwickshire.
Labour groups, including the Ontario Federation of Labour, are campaigning against the scheme fearing these public-private partnerships, first introduced by the previous Conservative government as P3 projects, could lead to the eventual privatization of new hospitals.

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