public private partnership

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public private partnership (PPP)

arrangements by the government to secure private equity funding for government projects such as schools and hospitals. The relevant Secretary of State may usually form or participate in companies. Typically, he or she may invest in the companies (whether by acquiring assets, securities or rights or otherwise), or provide loans and guarantees and make other kinds of financial provision to or in respect of them.
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Addressing the meeting, he said that public-private partnership practice would be promoted for construction of hospitals in future.
"The Town of Greenwich and The Ashforth Company have had a successful public-private partnership for more than 50 years since the current train station, the Town commuter lot and the Greenwich Plaza office buildings were constructed.
Propeller Airports has announced it has been recognized by the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships with its Innovation Award, the company said.
He said that the different models of public-private partnership should be implemented so that the burden on government could be decreased.
public-private partnership, and the continuing need to gain more
It was decided to complete the last stage of the gas supply system through a public-private partnership because it is an expensive investment for which municipalities don't have either money or experts.
The project, among the public-private partnership deals left hanging by the previous administration, is being reviewed by the Department of Transportation, according to the Public-Private Partnership Center website.
The reason for the launch of the new structure is a huge number of problems that hampers the development of public-private partnership.
The Tuzla Canton passed the Law on Public-Private Partnership which is also harmonized with the recently adopted Concessions Law.
The project includes a commercial area built under public-private partnership.
The President underscored public-private partnership as a key component of regional development.

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