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PUBLICAN, civil law. A farmer of the public revenue; one who held a lease of some property from the public treasury. Dig. 39, 4, 1, 1; Id. 39, 4, 12, 3; Id. 39, 4, 13.

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The leased and tenanted pub company counts more than 5,300 pubs across the country and will welcome existing and prospective publicans to the event.
Publicans say it is particularly important this year as Leinster play Bath at home in Dublin that weekend.
Publicans who are currently tied to large pub companies say they are struggling to make a decent living, and more than half say they are earning less than the minimum wage.
Our petition is the latest demonstration of public dissatisfaction at the way far too many publicans are treated by the big pub companies.
Publicans said their biggest business concern was rates, while access to cheap booze for customers also ranked high.
Publicans or licensees are often employed on behalf of a pub chain or brewery.
A survey of 600 publicans for pressure group Camra showed that 60 per cent earned less than PS10,000 and were "substantially" worse off than those free to buy beer from any supplier.
Under proposals announced by Business Secretary Vince Cable, the adjudicator will enforce a new statutory code to oversee the relationship between publicans and large pub companies.
The Department for Business said the aim was to tackle unfair practices, including rents and the prices publicans pay for beer.
Many believe that the introduction of a minimum price would create a more level playing field between publicans and retailers.
We test marketed this beer with four of the most discerning publicans in Chicago--the Hopleaf, Farmhouse, Telegraph Wine Bar, and the Publican.
SOLIHULL-based UK pub landlord Enterprise Inns has warned its publicans to be braced for a tough year ahead as costs increase and consumers face further economic uncertainty.