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PUBLICITY. The doing of a thing in the view of all persons who choose to be present.
     2. The law requires that courts should be open to the public, there can therefore be no secret tribunal, except the grand jury (q.v.) and all judgments are required to be given in public.
     3. Publicity must be given to the acts of the legislature before they can be in force, but in general their being recorded in a certain public office is evidence of their publicity. Vide Promulgation; Publication.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(29) In the conflicting cases, courts accept the argument that the right of publicity protects a person's face or appearance in general, as some sort of Platonic ideal, and not the particular moment captured by a photo.
This appears to be the first instance of the mention of an actor in film publicity. The star-like appeal of little Mandakini, Phalke's daughter, who acted in Hindustan Cinema Film Company's first two films Shri Krishna Janma (1918) and Kaliya Mardan (1919), played an integral part in the films' publicity drive, ensuring her place in the history of Indian cinema.
Dryer, Bethea, and White argued their athletic performances in football games are their identities subject to protection under the right of publicity. The Eighth Circuit acknowledged live athletic events by their very nature are not copyrightable.
Meanwhile, publicity departments are working hard to know what types of media outlets resonate in different regions: European markets still rely on print; Asia is heavily digital.
"Social media has dramatically affected right of publicity claims in that companies must be careful of posting images to their social media accounts for which they may own/license the copyright but do not have an endorsement deal or right of publicity release from the celebrity or identifiable person featured in that photograph," she explained.
In this Article, we find the culprit of this jurisprudence to be a surprisingly backwards right of publicity law, which has failed to keep pace with modern commercial speech development--in either doctrinal or theoretical terms--since 1976.
Accusing the sheriff's office of doing this for their own publicity, Evans added, "I honestly think they are doing this for their own publicity because they could have written up their 'press release' weeks ago."
'We cannot sustain appellant's claim that he was denied the right to impartial trial due to prejudicial publicity. It is true that the print and broadcast media gave the case at bar pervasive publicity, just like all high profile and high-stake criminal trials.
'Hindi kami nag-iimbento ng impormasyon, ang issue dito ay hindi publicity stunt, kundi dapat harapin ng mga officials ang hinaing ng mga mangingisda tungkol sa limited access nila sa karagatan,' Gutoc said.
Rothman's book is a compelling read, and her explication of the history of the right of publicity and how we got here is fascinating and largely persuasive.
While, the IG had said no police officer could get his picture printed for publicity. According to the orders issued by Kaleem Imam, only Sindh Police's logo could be printed on advertisements.
Robredo, the leader of the opposition, warned against the "trial by publicity" in the wake of President Duterte's order to release the list of politicians allegedly involved in illegal drugs.