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PUER. In its enlarged sense this word signifies a child of either sex; though in its restrained meaning it is applied to a boy only.
     2. A case once arose which turned upon this question, whether a daughter could take lands under the description of puer, and it was decided by two judges against one that she was entitled. Dy. 337 b. In another case, it was ruled the other way. Rob. 33.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Players profiled are NutriBiotic (United States), Fit Foods (Canada), Pulsin (United Kingdom), North Coast Naturals (Canada), Pure Protein (United States), Growing Naturals (United States), Progressive Nutritional Therapies (Canada), Source Naturals (United States), Puer Yongji Biological Technique (China) and Jiangxi Hengtian Industrial (China).
The GTF also featured a variety of events, including the 8th Global Tea Cup in which a jury comprised of some of the foreign guests tasted and assessed more than 150 teas, of which over two-thirds were raw (sheng) and matured (shu) puer teas, an important range of white teas, a few puer tangerines, wulong, black, dark and green teas.
The words puer (boy) and senex (old man) emphasize tacit limitations to the apparent universality of classical learning in that Latin education was often limited to male students.
The introit is a psalm, or antiphon, sung or said while the priest approaches the altar for the Eucharist, and "Puer natus est nobis" is definitely one of the best-known pieces of the Gregorian repertoire and has become a symbol of the ancient Christmas monodic tradition.
Nela estao o carpe diem, o memento mori, o locus amoenus, o tedium vitae, o puer senilis, o undiscovered country, e tantos outros.
Since the proposed model is a combination of AR model and PUER model, each of these models are also separately utilized.
and Zhao, H.S.: 1994, Occurrence of the short-term anomaly of residuals of astronomic time-latitude at Yunnan Observatory before the Puer earthquake.
All smear-positive pulmonary TB patients seeking health care at six prefectural TB dispensaries in 2014 were continuously enrolled in this study, including Qujing, Lijiang, Dehong, Lincang, Puer, and Xishuangbanna.
The menu is picture led and is a riot of over exposed colours but very easy to follow as it is classified into separate sections of Beef, Seafood, Pasta, Pork, Chicken, Soups, veggies and rice plus a special tea menu offering black, white, green, Puer and Chrysanthemum teas.
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tubingensis had been isolated from PuEr brick tea (Jian et al., 1979; Hu and Hu, 1957).