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PUER. In its enlarged sense this word signifies a child of either sex; though in its restrained meaning it is applied to a boy only.
     2. A case once arose which turned upon this question, whether a daughter could take lands under the description of puer, and it was decided by two judges against one that she was entitled. Dy. 337 b. In another case, it was ruled the other way. Rob. 33.

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Also within the masculine archetype, Hopcke looks at the puer-senex relationship, typical of many gay relationships involving a younger man (the puer aeternus, or Divine Child) and the older man (the senex, or the Old Man).
The image of the puer echoes the union with Christ sought by medieval women.
8), are both portrayed as consuming other people's time: (38) Pyrrha is put in the position where she serves as an emotionally expensive learning experience for the young gracilis puer and Lydia seems to take pleasure in ruining Sybaris, who used to be a good man-of-action amongst comrades.
An interesting parallel occurs in the final lines of the poems: the fourth poem concludes with a request to the puer to greet his mother with a smile.
3, 1:36: "Parisius, ubi magis unctione quam emditione magistra puer litteras rapiebat.
2) The reagi follow the star to the manger, where an angel displays the Christ child: "Ecce puer adest quem quaeritis" (Behold, here is the boy whom you seek; 1.
The modern farmhouse is just five minutes' drive from the shops and restaurants in Campanet and 15 minutes from busier Puer to Pollenca.
Herstayat the four-star Hotel H10AndaluciaPlazain Puer to Banus, close to La Siesta Beach and offering arange of facilities including a spa with golf and tennis near by, was arranged by accommodation-only provider somewhere2stay.
Here we do not have any allusions to more ordinary activities of children of his age, which makes the clergeon a representative of Curtius' puer senex topos (1990: 98-105).
3) Attached to the Port Arthur Prison was the Point Puer Reformatory, in which 2,000 children, boys aged between nine and 18 years, served sentences.
departing April 2, seven nights self catering, Las Palmeras Apts in Puer to Del Carmen.
Thomas Tallis' Mass, Puer natus est nobis, is included and there are works by Sheppard, Dering, Poston, Joubert, Darke, Lauridsen and Britten.