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An opinion or judgment that is not made as a representation of fact.

Puffing is generally an expression or exaggeration made by a salesperson or found in an advertisement that concerns the quality of goods offered for sale. It presents opinions rather than facts and is usually not considered a legally binding promise. Such statements as "this car is in good shape" and "your wife will love this watch" constitute puffing.


n. the exaggeration of the good points of a product, a business, real property, and the prospects for future rise in value, profits and growth. Since a certain amount of "puffing" can be expected of any salesman, it cannot be the basis of a lawsuit for fraud or breach of contract unless the exaggeration exceeds the reality. However, if the puffery includes outright lies or has no basis in fact ("Sears Roebuck is building next door to your store site") a legal action for rescission of the contract or for fraud against the seller is possible. (See: fraud)

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Morrell The train has proved so popular that a line of books written about Puffing Billy are now available to buy.
Last year communities along the Wylam to Lemington waggonway also celebrated 200 years since these steam locomotives were used to transport coal and the contribution Hedley's engines such as Puffing Billy made.
Ian made the replica of Puffing Billy to keep the little train alive in the memories of millions of Brits who spent their holidays at Butlins.
The Puffing Billy Festival is a whole weekend of exciting activities, organised by the Friends of Puffing Billy, with support from Beamish Museum.
But the replica also inspired Ian's pal Swin Tempest, also from South Hetton, to illustrate some children's books based on Puffing Billy's adventures, after Swin was asked by Ian to draw a logo for his replica fun train.
A replica Puffing Billy train will be visiting Wylam on Saturday, September 21 where between 11am to 4pm there will be live music, drama, dance, stalls and competitions at Wylam Countryside Car Park and the Wylam Falcon Centre.
I WAS interested in your article of Monday July 4 about the 200th anniversary of Puffing Billy and the attempts by Mr Michael Balfour to have a celebration with a replica of Puffing Billy from Beamish.