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5 percent in the NED panel occurred when the CXR matrix was applied (NED pullup peak relative fluorescence unit (RFU)/CXR peak RFU).
During the debrief, he had told me that, from the second he executed the sharp pullup, the LAWS (low altitude warning system) tone started going off.
This is an example where a pullup followed by a pushdown is optimal, and therefore only our algorithm is able to find it.
In order to minimize pullup, the compressor incorporated an expander as an integral part of its control circuitry; thus, in the absence of signal, the expander reduced the output noise by about 40 dB.
I2C has pullup resistors which waste power - SPI doesn't need pullup resistors.
Gray opted to put the game in Wilkins' hands out of a timeout, but his pullup jumper hit the front of the rim.
Paolo Malonzo converted his three-pointer to spark an 11-2 Stars rally that ended when Alcasabas spun around Akad on the left side and hit a pullup jumper that eased the pressure off his team 87-82 with 28 ticks left.
Bex confided the other day one of the ideal qualities she was looking for in her perfect man was a hairless chest Luke was quick to pullup his T-shirt to reveal a hair-free torso.
What is needed here is "predicate pullup," namely, postponing the time-consuming selection veg-(rasters.
Francis' Matt Cooney figured in two fourth-quarter plays that pulled the Spartans within 44-42 -- a pullup jumper in the lane then a steal that led to a tip-in by Andrew Harvey.