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Pulse Beat also found that less than one-third (30%) of those surveyed are aware that the greatest rate of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke occurs during the morning.
No doubt then that 40 years on from such small beginnings, the artweek pulse beats strong and loud.
At least Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan Local Health Boards have some idea of how the public pulse beats where health cuts are concerned.
Trader B: Yeah, they look like dying men checking their own pulse beats.
Look at the second hand of your watch or clock and count the pulse beats that you feel in one minute.
Except in rare cases, the number of heartbeats each minute is equal to the number of pulse beats each minute.
Geoscientists love to hunt for the pulse beats of the earth, from the monthly patterns in rainfall to periodicities in comet impacts (SN: 1/12/85, p.
The spotlight will bring global attention and funds so that women may be safe and empowered in a region whose pulse beats like no other.