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Pulse Point features vibration resistant surface mount components and a large operating temperature range, resulting in a much broader application range.
Section a-b shown in the figure represents the moment when the volume of gas is flowing in the pipeline before the generation pulse point and the gas has a constant temperature [T.
Applying scent to pulse points, such as your inside wrists, behind your knees, in the crook of your arm and the small of our back (not a pulse point I know) will intensify even the smallest amount of fragrance.
You can listen to a pulse point in the elbow to find a person's blood pressure.
To obtain your resting heart rate, find a pulse point at the wrist, neck, or chest.
To assess blood vessel health, the team used a novel technique called radial artery tonometry--a process that involves placing a pencil-sized probe on the pulse point at the wrist to calculate the pressures generated by flowing blood.
Roy Zielinski, applications engineer at Venture Measurement, says the Bindicator Pulse Point Model LP 30 tuning fork for dry solids, launched a couple of years ago, has been very popular in plastics, including EPS.
The Madison wants to convert the slow-paced Uruguayan delta into a pulse point for horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, golf, tennis--and, yes, Asian massage.
The sensual assortment includes body splash, shower cream, body satin, pulse point lotion and aromatic candles formulated with orchid, jasmine, ginger, rose, coriander, bay, geranium, blackberry leaves, jojoba oil and rosa damascena in various combinations.
Pulse Point handles all questions, comments and issues.