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Pulse Point also has multiple agency approvals, including Dust Ignition Proof and Explosion Proof with FM & ATEX, and comes with a universal power supply that includes 24VDC.
Section a-b shown in the figure represents the moment when the volume of gas is flowing in the pipeline before the generation pulse point and the gas has a constant temperature [T.
A large pulse point in the neck is used to tell if a person's heart is beating--no pulse here?
If there's a technical problem, Pulse Point Technologies provides a "help desk" accessible via modem and telephone support.
There are 23 Stories Division (S1) and five Food Service Division (S2) pulse points that provide monthly snap shots of supply readiness.
Pulse points in the foot can tell you about how healthy a person's leg arteries are.
Therefore, your heart rate can be counted at any convenient pulse point.
With the addition of the Fragrance Jewelry collection to her existing products, which include Variations pulse point oils, body washes, lotions and candles, Lisa Hoffman continues to pioneer innovative ways to wear fragrance.
Food service has five pulse point areas as follows:
Pulse Point Gym at the National Indoor Arena has been set up as summer salvation for any parent tearing hair at the prospect of enduring boundless energy from bored offspring.
The Cool It collection, priced pounds 10, has Cool, Calm and Collected bath oil, pulse point spray and massage oil in a de- stressing mix of camomile, lavender and geranium.
Walsh's fragrance train case, including Boyfriend eau de parfum, pulse point oil and votive candle, sold out on day one exceeding sales expectations.