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White marking extremely reduced to basal and lateral spots, or totally absent; with scattered but long setae emerging from fine puncta.
He says that the latest set of findings suggest that integrin helps the anchor cell orient itself toward the basement membranes, and that it also directs netrin to build the puncta in the proper place to ease an opening through.
Tears are produced to lubricate the eye, flowing around the eyeball and then drained through a tiny hole, the puncta, 0.
In severe dry eye cases, irreversible surgical closure of the puncta may be recommended.
The initial bite is typically painless and usually leaves two small puncta.
Punctum physicum si dicas actuale et praeter simplicitatem omnimode determinatum, quaedam monades huius universi sunt puncta physica, nempe quarum ex aggregato extensum"; Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten, Metaphysica (Halle, 1739).
Afterwards it feels a whole load better and all that's happened is that the lachrymal glands have secreted fluid which has drained through the lachrymal puncta.
When tears are produced in exceptional quantities--due to emotions or irritants or disease--the puncta (small, permanent openings at the nose end of each eyelid) cannot handle the flow and tears drain outwards over the eyelids.
Also in the Middle Ages, "the estampida or estampie, originating in Provence, is divided into several sections - or puncta - creating an internal melodic periodicity through the alternation of 'open' and 'closed' cadences" (emphasis added).
The upper and lower eyelid edges were excised (Fig 1e) with care taken not to remove or damage the superior and inferior lacrimal puncta located near the medial canthus (Fig 1f).