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PUNCTUATION, construction. The act or method of placing points (q.v.) in a written or printed instrument.
     2. By the word point is here understood all the points in grammar, as the comma, the semicolon, the colon, and the like.
     3. All such instruments are to be construed without any regard to the punctuation; and in a case of doubt, they ought to be construed in such a manner that they may have some effect, rather than in one in which they would be nugatory. Vide Toull. liv. 3, t. 2, c. 5, n. 430; 4 T. R. 65; Barringt. on the Stat. 394, n. Vide article Points.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Filled with short stories about the controversy semicolons have sparked within legal matters, academics and the general public, Watson uncovers where confusion surrounding this punctuation mark arose from," said the review.
"If we go weak or wobbly in our defence of the apostrophe, we are on the slippery slope to incomprehensibility and confusion." The book, also known as The Life-Saving Importance of Correct Punctuation, Grammar and Good English, is available from bookshops and www.amazon.co.uk/Have-Eaten-Grandma-Gyles-Brandreth/dp/0241352630/
Some years ago, the Birmingham Council raised a stink when it ruled that punctuation marks should be eliminated from signboards of street names.
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Rubin offers a (http://www.nationalpunctuationday.com/celebrate.html) cheeky checklist of ways to celebrate National Punctuation Day, including correcting store owners with errors in their stores' signage, circling the local newspaper's mistakes, writing an error-free letter to a friend, and lots of naps and bath time. 
Attainment in grammar, punctuation and spelling at the expected standard in 2016 is similar to attainment at level 4b or above in grammar, punctuation and spelling in 2015.
The educational play written by Katarina Lazic and Stavria Thalassi and directed by Leila Saad, features the full stop, the comma, the exclamation mark, the colon, the dash and other punctuation marks as they step out of a book and meet on stage.
One nineteenth-century commentator, perhaps unfamiliar with the temptations of onanism, felt the dash "must be the most perilous thing for a grammarian to handle." Literary experiments in punctuation in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries continued to raise hackles and tickle literary-minded satirists.