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PUNCTUATION, construction. The act or method of placing points (q.v.) in a written or printed instrument.
     2. By the word point is here understood all the points in grammar, as the comma, the semicolon, the colon, and the like.
     3. All such instruments are to be construed without any regard to the punctuation; and in a case of doubt, they ought to be construed in such a manner that they may have some effect, rather than in one in which they would be nugatory. Vide Toull. liv. 3, t. 2, c. 5, n. 430; 4 T. R. 65; Barringt. on the Stat. 394, n. Vide article Points.

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An introduction to the alphabet, numbers and punctuation symbols.
The first, "Latin autograph manuscripts: orthography and punctuation" (1994), makes plain how choices in spelling and abbreviation as well as in punctuation symbols may help in the recognition of a holograph manuscript, yet leaves us with the disconcerting reminder that we should not hope for consistency, even from "accomplished authors.