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This is unworkable because many punters have control of multiple accounts so if bookmakers were forced to lay anything to lose, say, PS1,000, the punter with access to 20 accounts could stretch that limit to PS20,000.
Weary punters who braved the torrential downpours were sobbing all the way home after another day to forget.
The punters have set their rates and the odds are in favour of the saffron party and its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
Rice, at 6-3 and 223 pounds, embodies something of a trend nationally, of bigger punters who power the ball down the field.
We've teamed up with Racing for Change and many of the country's top courses to give Mirror Punters Club members the deal of a lifetime.
Weekly email newsletter exclusive to Mirror Punters Club members with tips and news from our experts Chance to represent the Club and present the prizes for Mirror Punters Club races.
If you are interested get in touch with the Chronicle Sportsdesk, giving brief details of why you think you would make a good member of our Punters Panels.
Honours were shared, according to Coral, totesport had the bookmakers narrowly ahead, while Blue square felt the punters had the better of the opening exchanges.
The truth is that punters pay for the levy; bookmakers are only the collectors based on turnover.
Now Bryan, a 6-foot-4, 190-pound senior, is regarded as one of the best punters in the country.
I work with high school kickers and punters during the week on weekends and in clinics and I am amazed at what they don't know.