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PUR. A corruption of the French word par, by or for. It is frequently used in old French law phrases; as, pur autre vie. It is also used in the composition of words, as purparty, purlieu, purview.

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On the basis of the data found in literature, we have developed a continuous method of partial glycolysis/aminoglycolysis of a soft waste PUR foam in an extruder.
Two, three or four kilogram foil-encased PUR slugs are placed into the melter tank and PURBlue 4 melter uses "melt-on-demand" processing, thereby protecting unused adhesive from prematurely curing in the tank.
The acquisition of Ambi Pur strengthens P&G's global leadership in home care and specifically air care by extending our reach to serve more consumers in more parts of the world more completely.
Alaska Glacier Bay is the latest fragrance in the collection and can be experienced in an Ambi Pur single perfume plug-in and a 3volution refill.
These byproducts represent the diacid and dialcohol, which were proposed based upon of the hydrolysis of ester bond as a mechanism of the PUR degradation.
Given the mixing head's importance in PUR processing, it is not surprising that so much effort goes into developing improvements.
You can experience three refreshing Odour Naturizer perfumes in the innovative Ambi Pur Total Fresh device, which not only helps clean inside your toilet but continually fragrances the whole room for a complete bathroom solution.
Versamid PUR 7132 is a TDI- and tin-free, non-reactive polyurethane solution that exhibits broad compatibility with a variety of co-resins and additives.
A Procter and Gamble product called PUR is on duty right now in the tsunami-ravaged areas of Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
The CON, IPM, and PUR Functional Advisor, Deidre Lee established a requirement for electives to be completed as part of the certification process.
Souter of Procter and Gamble in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, designed the mix, which enters the company's PUR line.