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PUR. A corruption of the French word par, by or for. It is frequently used in old French law phrases; as, pur autre vie. It is also used in the composition of words, as purparty, purlieu, purview.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said Babar Awan is not responsible for delay in Nandi Pur Power Project case.
Total glycolysis or aminoglycolysis of PUR waste can also be conducted in a continuous way in an extruder [10, 11].
Published by Gwasg y Bwthyn, a Caernarfon based publishers, Cariad pur? is the first ever Welsh language book of the month at Waterstones, the title has also been chosen at the Welsh Books Council's Book of the Month.
Moderate resistance ratio as shown by LC50 ranged from 35.08 to 26.07ugmL-1 in the order Qadir Pur Ran greater than 10-T greater than Multani wala greater than Mohammad Pur greater than Alam Pur greater than Kotla Mahran greater than Bosan greater than Nawab Pur.
Scott, a project manager with a mobility firm, said: "The internet is littered with complaints about Ambi Pur. I paid pounds 4.99 for an air freshener and ended up with a bill for pounds 800.
However, because PURs react to moisture in air, Velthouse had the challenge of how to most effectively handle PUR adhesives in the production line.
"We are pleased we have closed the deal and are excited that we can now move on to integrate the Ambi Pur business," said David Taylor, P&G group president, global home care.
Producing the hulls from PUR instead of conventional SMC has benefits for the manufacturer and for the end user.
These peaks were not found in uninoculated control containing PUR. In all cases, the medium ingredient was detected as a large peak (P-5).
Weight reduction, always important in the auto industry, has led to continued success for long-fibre-reinforced PUR technologies in general and KM's long-fibre-injection (LFI) technology in particular.
Ambi Pur, the expert in home fragrance, is taking its Fragrance Challenge Roadshow across the country.
GlasCraft claims to have developed the first spray-up system for FRP composites nearly 45 years ago and still makes dispensing systems for open- and closed-mold FRP manufacturing, PUR foam, and polyurea coatings.