Purchased lotion at pharmacy, something sharp in bottle

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Country: United States of America
State: New York

Two days ago, November 23, 2005, I went into my local pharmacy and picked up a lotion. When I came home I decided to try it on my skin. As I began to rub on the back of my hand, I felt something sharp scratching the surface of my hand. I thought it was some particle that was on my hand, so I washed them. I repeated what I did earlier, and I felt the same thing. I did this about 3 more times, and found the same particles. It looks as if they were bits of glass or salt. So I took some hot tap water in a tablespoon and put the articles in, it didn't melt. Then I took some boiling water and put the particles in, it didn't melt either. That made me nervous. I'm no scientist, but the ingredients or label say nothing about rubbing grains of particles on your skin. Please help me with my problem or refer me to someone who can.


You may take a portion of it back to your pharmacy and ask them to examine it and report to you.
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