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But the notion that the battles over fiscal policy that have been taking place in Washington in recent years are a reflection of some sort of a terminal political disease that Americans are suffering from is just pure nonsense.
It's all hype and scaremongering to say that freezing prices will lead to blackouts - this is pure nonsense.
Of course the WRTA dismisses as pure nonsense the notion that it would work willy-nilly with the city against the interest of its riders, the majority of whom are low- to moderate-income individuals, which then raises the question of what were the goals of the $16 million modernization.
But this accusation soon turned out to be pure nonsense, as there lay in the future of every Arab country a version of sorts of what had happened in Lebanon.
A lot of it was pure nonsense but with Christopher Kane flying the flag for Scotland and model of the moment Cara Delevingne showing you can party and still be gorgeous, we couldn't get enough of it.
This is pure nonsense, but a highly regarded school of thought in the UAE.
The other ten points are pure nonsense," Mitev said.
Both labels are pure nonsense used to justify a dog out of control.
Stories about how it is going to add hundreds of pounds to bills it is just pure nonsense.
The suggestion of a reported deal between me and Michel Platini for the presidency is pure nonsense," he added.
Besides at times after CT scan, they recommend MRI which is pure nonsense because you don't get a diagnosis by doing repeated scanning.
C* If anything took place, they were small things, pure nonsense, far from the picture the police are painting," his mother Sylvia told an Israeli news magazine.