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The centre was originally set up for pure research by Germanborn Lothar Muschketat and his wife, but his Irish neighbours quickly became curious about the critters they could see moving in.
RGA has also commercialized the new knowledge and has made it available to the industry, which is an important component of innovation and a step that much pure research does not accomplish.
Its aim is to support the development of science and technology by giving fellowships and grants to pure research in science and engineering, applied research in industry, industrial design and other projects.
If you are doing just pure research and not focusing on relationships at all, then the rules are the same as in a survey using paper and pencil, mail, phone or face-to face.
The selection of 14 papers from over the 15 years was designed to represent the wide range of presentations, from survey to hybrid survey/research to pure research.
This is one of the first supercomputers in the region, and while pure research does not pay, it will make Cyprus famous in this domain.
YouGov Siraj has the region's largest pure research panel of 200,000+ members, who respond to sur veys.
He said his office was already working hard to get new technologies to troops on the battlefield more quickly and respond to hundreds of "joint urgent operational needs" requests from military commanders, while trying to ensure continued investment in longer-term pure research.
Addressing the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) awards ceremony here, Pawar said: "Though we have over these years brought about a qualitative improvement in agricultural research and extension systems, I must admit that much more needs to be done, both in terms of pure research and in terms of quality and effectiveness of our rural extension services.
YouGov Siraj has the region's largest pure research panel of 137,000 members, who regularly respond to surveys.
He said: "At Huddersfield we can see little evidence from national teaching quality assessments to suggest that universities which were built in the earlier part of the century, or which have a stronger bias towards pure research, offer students a higher standard of education and training than those which have more recent foundations.
It's more the pity because Britain has traditionally been excellent at science, both in terms of pure research and commercialising it into thriving businesses that contribute hugely to the wider economy.