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Caption: FAR RIGHT: though the headwear of chullo and trilby are a mix of Andean and Spanish, the profile of this man's face displays the pure-blooded features of a true Runa, the once proud peasantry of the Inca empire
Whether it's a pure-blooded poodle or a mangy mutt whose only claim to fame is a ratty old bandanna, if it's nose is wet and it's tail is wagging, it's probably loved by someone.
There are the graves of some of the last pure-blooded Morioris who died nearly 100 years ago although their descendants still live today and are proud of their heritage.
In any case, the third vehicle to emerge from the cooperation between the two companies differs fundamentally from the other two: the futuristic-looking "Senso" and the pure-blooded "zaZen" sports car.