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Both those tracks stage almost exclusively thoroughbred racing, whereas the other three courses - Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah - offer just one thoroughbred race per meeting, with purebred Arabian action dominating their fixtures.
For light microscopy of purebreds and hybrids prior to hatching, living embryos were photographed in a depression slide without a coverslip to avoid changing the dimensions of the fertilization envelope.
31-minute long video, Adam Conover explained to purebred dog lovers out there that the animal is not the best pet but the worst.
elephantopus in 84 Volcano Wolf tortoises, meaning one of their parents was a purebred member of the missing species.
A sub herd of 30 commercial purebred Charolais heifers was established four years ago within SAC's 200 cow spring calving herd on its Easter Howgate LFA unit.
First let me say I hope purebred livestock raisers won't be offended at my assertion that a purebred flock is no ticket to automatic success.
The experiments start with a set of purebred peas that have been inbred for a number of generations until all of them continue to exhibit consistently the same observable features.
Marcia Mayeda, director of the Department of Animal Care and Control, said owners can obtain exemptions by providing the department with documentation that the dog is a registered purebred and meets at least one of three requirements.
Only nonaggressive, mixed breeds - no purebreds - that have been spayed or neutered can enter the show, in such categories as Best Kisser, Fastest Eater, Worst Breath.
But while purebreds proved the closest match to their owners, mixed- breed look-alikes went to the dogs.
Dorafshar said the idea for the event came after viewing a dog show, which typically features purebreds.