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PUR. A corruption of the French word par, by or for. It is frequently used in old French law phrases; as, pur autre vie. It is also used in the composition of words, as purparty, purlieu, purview.

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Suenase que Puren alli venia, Tome, Pillolco, Angol y Cayeguano, Tucapel que en orgullo y bizarria no le igualaba barbaro araucano Ongolmo, Lemolemo y Lebopia Caniomangue, Elicura, Mareguano, Cayocupil, Lincoya, Lepomande, Chilcano, Leucoton y Mareande.
Born the son of Pu Yi's youngest brother Puren in a prince's mansion in Beijing, he was sent to rural areas during the Cultural Revolution, joining millions of urban youths who were mobilized to villages and frontier settlements to be reeducated by the peasants.
Puren (1988, 1994) suggested that one reason for the poor reputation of educational research is the tendency of some researchers to attempt to link a theoretical perspective to an innovation only after the innovation has been developed.
In fact, it is quite clear that by the perceived he means what is perceived in a quite specific and indeed unnatural sense, namely, "in einem puren Vernehmen, einem puren Wahrnehmen," which is "ein bestimmt geartetes Nur-noch-hin-sehen auf die Welt.
The tragic irony is that, while the War on Drugs has failed completely to halt the influx of cocaine and heroin - which are cheaper, puren and more abundant than ever - the one success it can claim is in curtailing the liberty and privacy of the American people.
Dass wir Erfahrungen machen, findet keinen Ort in Theorien, welche von einer puren Konfrontation von Selbst und Welt ausgehen.
Cultivated fields in the region reported here are located in the coastal drainage of Lake Budi, in the delta of the nearby Imperial River and in the floodplain of the Puren and Lumaco Valley (Figure 1).
At the La Coipa joint venture in Chile, gold equivalent production was slightly higher in the third quarter of 2006 compared with the same period in 2005 due to the earlier than scheduled processing of material from the Puren pit.
Based on the initial work of Puren (2000), it is possible to expand his initial analysis into a broader nine-facetted table (Table 2) to present a mosaic (a series of non-related elements linked more for historical reasons rather than for any intrinsic causes) of various features of the teaching and learning approaches of the last few decades.
Such alteration zones classically overlie large high sulfidation systems elsewhere in the Chilean Andes such as those associated with the Pascua-Veladero, Coipa Norte and Puren gold deposits.