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WATER. That liquid substance of which the sea, the rivers, and creeks are composed.
     2. A pool of water, or a stream or water course, is considered as part of the land, hence a pool of twenty acres, would pass by the grant of twenty acres of land, without mentioning the water. 2 Bl. Com. 18; 2 N. H. Rep. 255; 1, Wend. R. 255; 5 Paige, R. 141; 2 N. H. Rep. 371; 2 Brownl. 142; 5 Cowen, R. 216; 5 Conn. R. 497; 1 Wend. R. 237. A mere grant of water passes only a fishery. Co. Lit. 4 b.
     3. Like land, water is distinguishable into different parts, as the sea, (q.v.) rivers, (q.v.) docks, (q.v.) canals, (q.v.) ponds, q v.) and sewers, (q.v.) and to these may be added at water course. (q.v.) Vide 4 Mason, R. 397 River; Water course.

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The Santa Clara Valley Water District (District) is soliciting a request for proposals (RFP) for Environmental and Permitting Support Services for the Expedited Purified Water Program.
A recent survey conducted by Nestle Pure Life Purified Water finds that moms' infinite wisdom is often passed down from generation to generation, with three-quarters of moms having learned healthy habits from their own mothers, and 90 percent of moms continuing this tradition with their own little ones.
The alternative to purified water is spring water, which is defined as "water derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth.
Whether the application is treating make-up water to reduce boiler blowdown and minimise fuel consumption, producing and recycling rinse water to improve painted or plated surface finishes or producing purified water for general manufacturing, the Rapide[TM] Strata is the most cost-effective deioniser available.
and purified water, AriaBella is a safe, effective, non-aerosol spritzer that neutralizes odors rather than masking them.
People used to put water into a shallow bowl, say a prayer, then leave it all day in the sunshine and then drink the purified water at the end of the day.
Whole-wheat flour, canola and/or soybean oil, purified water, and sea salt are the only ingredients that Mother Nature's Goodies puts in its Whole Wheat Pie Shells.
The suit notes that one manufacturer entered the bottled water business relying on a 1995 Food and Drug Administration rule that purified water, whatever its source, can be labeled "purified water" even if it's drawn from a municipal water system.
Dog lover Susan Goldberg was so irked by Gracie's nasty drinking habit that she started pouring purified water into her potty to protect the collie's health.
A pH-stable 50/50 solution of a commercially available bottled water and ASTM Type I purified water and a 100% Type I purified water were used for further experiments.
which Danone and Nestle are trying to position as a higher-brow beverage than the purified water on tap at Ciel and Electropura.