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PURVEYOR. One employed in procuring provisions. Vide Code, 1, 34.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Exposing the purveyors of hate, whoever they may be, is an essential part of combatting terrorism and hate speech.
Yet another proposed amendment is to empower the consumer courts to seal premises of the manufacturer, trader, vender, seller or purveyor of a defective product.
DTS8 Coffee is a purveyor of gourmet-roasted coffee in China.
The company has its roots in Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, a collection of food and beverage purveyors that gathers at two different locations each weekend.
Keywords: behavioral health, integrated primary care, purveyor, implementation, collaborative health care
"Boyd Coffee Company's business is poised for future growth, and this is an excellent opportunity to bring in a new corporate leader with the perspective and experience to continue preparing the Boyd family's fourth generation to assume future company leadership." Jeffrey Newman comes to Boyd Coffee Company with more than 26 years of experience in the foodservice industry, most recently as the COO/vice president and general manager of Columbus Distributing, LLC, in San Francisco, California, a family-owned purveyor of fine foods and distributor of many other specialty and gourmet foods.
Soft Saints, Inc., purveyor of positive role models for today's youth in the form of plush dolls, makes it possible to cuddle with a 15th-century purveyor of divine wisdom--the "Maid of Orleans," Joan of Arc.
Jiminy Glick, his rotund purveyor of fatuous/insulting celebrity interviews, pulls people out of the audience and submits them to questions like "Where were you when the queen had Diana killed?" The show is basically a glorified TV special driven by day-old one-liners and impersonations.
diSEMBOWELMENT Discography, 3xLP boxset (3XM)--Finally available on vinyl (simple black box limited to 500), Australia's legendary and mystical purveyor of punishing doom is here.
In 2003 the perpetually inventive Thomas Heatherwick was invited by French conglomerate Longchamp, patrician purveyor of luxury accessories, to design a handbag.
The conviction, though, did not hinge on the magazine but on its direct mail promotion, which the Supreme Court found relied on "the purveyor's sole emphasis ...
Rick Bayless created and cooked at a pair of Chicago's long-running Mexican restaurants, and was purveyor of the multi-million dollar Frontera Foods: here his detailed knowledge and experience of the cuisine lends to Mexican Everyday, which shows how to present flavorful cuisine.