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Police suspect the axe had been in the infant's push-chair as witnesses didn't see the man carrying it on the train.
County durham: The driver of a car which killed an eight-month-old baby when it crashed into his push-chair has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving.
With her daughter, McKenzie, in a push-chair beside her, Gomes said: 'Our life was normal before, but now it's all on me.
They said they planned to take her to the shops and the park in her push-chair.
The essential work includes making the footpaths suitable for disabled visitors and push-chair friendly.
She said: "Why can't people just dismount and have consideration for push-chair users, the elderly and the blind?
He said: "The young lady was with her child who was in a push-chair, when she was approached by a man.
These can best be identified by looking for the terrified faces of the push-chair occupants who are about to be 'assisted'.
For baby Jude, just one, has fallen asleep in his push-chair being wheeled around the streets by former Labour councillor Ann Cox.
A motorist also spoke of seeing a man pushing a push-chair like Andrew's down the A9near the layby.
However, pride of place really has to be given to members of the Push-chair Pushers Assisted Suicide Society
Donna-Marie was smiling at Garry's little niece Breda in her push-chair when the town centre was rocked by the blast.