put together

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I know for a million per cent I've got more personality in the end of my little finger than the whole of the nomination group put together.
We've finally found one and we're hoping to put together a small collection of the squadron's history.
Manchester United are also keen and could match City's package, while Juventus have put together a pounds 25m transfer fee and pounds 180,000-a-week deal.
With the launch of CloudFormation, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is hoping to make it easier for enterprises to put together stacks of applications and resources for its cloud computing service, the company said on Friday.
At the crucial part of the season, we have put together a six-match unbeaten run," said manager Hackett.
Kelsey on Saturday put together a miniature bus station out of 100 Lego-like blocks, a file folder, some string and tin foil.
Summary: Israeli President Shimon Peres chose Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday to form a new Israeli government, giving Netanyahu six weeks to put together a coalition.
Mountain Ash's Stuart Manley, the only one of the trio with full playing privileges for 2009, could only put together a three-over-par 75 in the Alfred Dunhill Championship, at Leopard Creek Golf Club.
It is the latest weapon in the arsenal put together under Help - For a life without tobacco,' the European initiative to discourage smoking.
SCRAPBOOKING: 100 TECHNIQUES WITH 25 PROJECTS PLUS A SWIPEFILE OF MOTIFS AND MOTTOES is a project-based instructional guide which is perfect for any who would put together a scrapbook from scratch.
Each year Worcester and his employees put together around 5,000 Balsam Fir Christmas wreaths to be placed on gravesites in Arlington National Cemetery for the holiday season.