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In our study on the treatment of palmoplantar psoriasis with topical PUVA therapy and sequential treatment with topical calcipotriol and clobetasol ointment, the mean age of the patients presented with palmoplantar psoriasis was 43.
Consensus workshop on the toxic effects of long-term PUVA therapy.
In a large study, the incidence of erythema accompanying PUVA therapy was 32.
24) Some studies have indicated that PUVA therapy might also have therapeutic effects.
Squamous cell carcinoma in vitiligo lesion after long-term PUVA therapy.
Before starting oral PUVA therapy, an ophthalmological examination and the prescription of UV sunglasses is required.
A study using the Penn State Worry Questionnaire to measure whether worry affected 88 patients' (57 males, 31 females) response to PUVA therapy showed a correlation between worry and treatment efficacy.
Langerhans cell depletion induces local immunodeficiency in the skin, which is thought to contribute to the long-term risk of skin cancer following high-dose PUVA therapy.
There are reports of the use of systemic steroids and PUVA therapy that can clear these conditions, but because this is a chronic condition and those therapies carry some risks, I often just reassure patients," she said.
Between the start of PUVA therapy and 1990, these people developed only four melanoma tumors, about the number that might be expected in the overall population.