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With players fully utilizing the Wii Remote(TM) to figure out puzzles, this game offers a unique puzzle-solving experience on Wii.
Nintendo DS owners can welcome back some favourite friends as the puzzle-solving Professor Layton returns in a mysterious new adventure and platform gaming hero Kirby brings a slew of new adventures to the handheld.
Written for MS "survivors" as well as their caregivers, this book offers concrete yet beautifully written advice on how to develop better cognitive skills through conversation, puzzle-solving and psychological strength.
Fourteen Anglo Australian and eight immigrant Indian (Telugu) mothers' interactions with their 4-year-old male and female children on a puzzle-solving task were videotaped.
My favourite part was the puzzle-solving and I think we did particularly well considering we weren't allowed to use calculators".
Featuring an intriguing blend of puzzle-solving, stealth, combat, and exploration, players are able to explore detailed environments and discover hidden clues in world famous locations such as the Louvre, Westminster Abbey, Saint-Sulpice, and more.
The puzzle-solving is a breath of fresh air in a games market flooded with button-bashers at present.
Inspired by Loyd's example and seeking to tap into the public's evident puzzle-solving frenzy, designers all over the world vied to create addictive pastimes of their own.
I found that I had an orderly mind coupled with a delight in puzzle-solving.
The 48- and 96-piece puzzles are challenging enough for any adult, and both players of all ages will appreciate the puzzle-solving hints that are available.
Freddi has to find the hogfish, and a great deal more, in an adventure that also builds logic and puzzle-solving skills.
Early in the puzzle-solving process, there are lots of pieces lying around.