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Thin and hackneyed plots and characters, dragged on endlessly through thoroughly rehearsed stories make not exciting nor engaging TV, yet puzzlingly it sells to such an extent that even the English language MBC4 channel has been significantly hijacked by such Turkish dross as the current favorite, Noor.
When Peter looks for it later that night, the page is puzzlingly gone--and so are his dreams of a lasting romance with Holly.
At its end, Levinas puzzlingly emerges as "a defender of a particular modern philosophical project that endows philosophy with social and political capabilities, while Strauss is a critic of this project" (xx).
Puzzlingly, boxes occurring across different chapters are entitled 'Research summary', even though their contents are diverse and usually unrelated to research.
Beinart acknowledges this distinction, but fails to recognize that it blows his case, and that it makes the opening anecdote--the analytical foundation--of his book puzzlingly beside the point.
The Bears, who rarely used Pro Bowl cornerback Nathan Vasher to cover Smith, had puzzlingly called timeout right before the 2nd-and-20 throw.
With the balance of business news in July indicating a robust economy, interest rates rose across the maturity spectrum, Bond rates, which have been puzzlingly low, inched up some.
The 20-year-old daughter has always been puzzlingly passive, detached and somewhat withdrawn, a member of a generation Gordon describes as "sullen, worried, ill at ease.
Perhaps this is because architects and commentators have found De Carlo's style--if one can so call it too puzzlingly changeable, while critics have resented his poaching on their territory, arguing back instead of showing proper gratitude for their support.
Conway ends, slightly puzzlingly, with a trio of self-fashioning women on page and canvas--Angelica Kauffmann, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Elizabeth Inchbald.
Puzzlingly, a third species did just the opposite: Dero obtusa's asexual reproduction doubled in the Chernobyl area.
But team supremo Sir Frank Williams, who puzzlingly off-loaded wonder boy Jenson Button in favour of Montoya, still expects big things of his F1 firebrand.