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The Pyramis survey identifies regional differences across such topics as: expectations for market volatility, perspectives on alternatives, investment objectives and investment opportunities.
Like AllianceBernstein and Pyramis, Harrison Street builds portfolios, stock by stock.
In part 2, Stead resumes his satiric recasting of Latin verse to pillory a "Texan Caesar" over the invasion of Iraq, and there are some jokey updatings of Ovid (one turning into a telling parallel between Pyramis and Thisbe and the Palestinian conflict).
That is why the play seems to be paired in Shakespeare's imagination with Romeo and Juliet, which shows how the romantic love that has a comic resolution in A Midsummer Night's Dream might just as easily have led to a tragic end (parodied within A Midsummer Night's Dream by the Pyramis and Thisbe interlude--to add another level of complexity).
Most of the Shakespearean quotations are not unmotivated and unsubstantial, as Kaufman would claim; rather they re-enforce the romantic plot, just as "Pyramis and Thisbe" in its own antic tragi-comic way re-enforces the romantic plot of A Midsummer Night's Dream.
And more: it requires the material world for its denial, as the realm of Yoknapatawpha descends from spiritual-genealogical origins "when his first paired children lost well the world and from which paired prototypes they still challenged paradise." The challenge to paradise has a genealogy which extends from "Adam and Lilith and Paris and Helen and Pyramis and Thisbe and all the other recordless Romeos and Juliets" through the sentry and on through Compson and Snopes, Sartoris and Stevens.
Pyramis Prince (Henrietta Knight) wins the juvenile hurdle, Fardross (Kim Bailey) takes the novices' chase and Zamil (Karl Burke) lands the
(16) Augustin Pyramis De Candolle, Prodromus Systematis Naturalis Regni Vegetabilis, vol.